tactile, sonorous  

mother nature essence here

awareness; fly mind


Here are two videos. One video is an interview of me explaining my installation and some footage and sounds from the installation in Graz, Austria, during the opening day. The second video is footage from Walden Pond (Lincoln, Ma, USA) that videographer friend Tosh Yashi took after a series of trips we took together to the woods.  I chose spots for Tosh to take visual footage so that it would be projected (hidden under leaves) unto a piece of brick/stone in the installation.  The video was very small, projected on the ground, only visible if you sat on a tree stump that I placed next to it.  

The sound file for the installation is included on the CD as well.  It is a collection of sounds I took during my time in Graz, Austria while in nature.  These sounds I then combined with percussion sounds I collected with percussionist friend Christian Smith during improvisatory sessions with textures in mind.

The environment was created through a series of trips I took with some colleagues to collect foresty things: leaves, tree stumps, rocks, tree branches, moss, stones and water.  These sounds could be heard at a visitor’s discretion through the access of headphones which were hung from the ceiling on string unto a ringed metal circle.

At the end of the process, some words came to mind to help tie the environment together that I then chose to write on the windowpane, immersed in the environment. 


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